GamesPad announces the start of a Telegram sticker contest! Here is everything you need to know about how to participate in it.

Over the coming months, our team will be discovering various opportunities to involve our community in the future of GamesPad. Today, we are announcing the beginning of our efforts with the start of the Telegram Sticker Contest. GamesPad is calling for submissions now to help us create Official GamesPad Telegram…

We are thrilled to announce that Mr.Block has joined GamesPad as a strategic advisor!

GamesPad has finally launched, and the passionate and seasoned professionals behind the project continue to do whatever it takes to grow and evolve the unique gaming ecosystem, NFT and the Metaverse. Today we are proud to announce that Mr. Block is joining GamesPad as a strategic advisor!

About Mr.Block

Mr.Block is a…

BullPerks newest VC with DeFiHorse, an exciting blockchain NFT horse racing game, is set to launch on BullStarter shortly.

The end of 2021 proves to be more dynamic and vibrant for the crypto industry than any previous year. Seeing several record milestones and top-notch games based on blockchain technology and NFTs.

The DefiHorse project promises to become the next big name in the DeFi community due to its futuristic…

Learn more about GamesPad’s approach, unique features, and value it will bring to projects and the community.

GamesPad looks at the investment in the worlds of gaming, NFT’s and the metaverse through a uniquely holistic perspective. Where a highly sophisticated team of experts constantly creates and innovates in dynamic ways and where crowdfunding for amazing and prosperous crypto gaming projects can be met on the ground level…

BullPerks founding year exceeds expectations with an all-time high ROI, a steadily increasing number of successful investment projects, and resounding endorsements from notable industry leaders.

2021 has been a big year for cryptocurrency, and it’s only going to grow bigger in the new year. As the world leans further into the fantastic future of DeFi and crypto-based projects, BullPerks shot out of the gate in June of 2021 at full-speed, bursting into the market. …

Holistic gaming ecosystem GamesPad celebrates the end of 2021 with a highly successful launch and solid foundation for a profitable future.

2021 saw a piqued interest in every single area of cryptocurrency, including a boom in crypto-based gaming. The GameFi industry is not only hot, it is dynamically evolving, growing, and blazing a trail for the future of gaming like never before.

360-degree ecosystem GamesPad was exactly what the expanding GameFi…

An internal AMA session that GamesPad founders held with the community on Telegram. They clarified the platform’s Tier model, gave updates on what to expect next, and much more.

Being a gaming, NFT, and metaverse chain-agnostic ecosystem, GamesPad’s $GMPD tokens offer various use-cases for its holders. Also, an INO was recently held on BullStarter, attracting many investors to know more about the new Tier system on the platform.

To address the community’s questions, GamesPad founders, Eran Elhanani and Constantin…

BullPerks next VC deal, Galaxy War, is set to launch on BullStarter on December 27.

In our modern time, Space has undoubtedly become an endless source of inspiration for humanity, and blockchain is a prime example of what modern technology can achieve–the worlds of reality and technology are now more interconnected than ever.

The fast-growing universe of crypto games keeps pace, by doing everything possible…

BullPerks community members who invested in the Yarloo project will be able to directly claim their YARL tokens. This step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to do that.

A couple of months back, BullPerks introduced Yarloo, an NFT-based gaming project. After successful VC and IDO deals, the team timely distributed the $YARL through an airdrop. Now, Yarloo investors will be able to directly claim their tokens on Synapse Network.

Synapse Network is a decentralized cross-chain investment ecosystem, aiming…

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